LIFE+ PHORWater website finalist of the 2017 .eu WEB AWARDS.

Once the application period is over, we are proud to announce that LIFE+ PHORWater website is one of the three finalists of the .eu Web Awards in The Laurels category.

.eu Web Awards was launched in 2014 and recognises the best .eu and .ею websites considering not only the impact of the website but also the content, structure, visual design and accessibility are important criteria. The 2017 awards ceremony takes place in Brussels on November 21st and DAM will attend on behalf of coordination and dissemination responsible of PHORWater.

PHORWater website aims to aware of European dependency on phosphorus producer’s countries whereas brings an opportunity to recover phosphorus from wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) as struvite, a slow release fertiliser to be applied in agriculture.

PHORWater, with the support of the LIFE programme from the European Commission, has been developed at Calahorra (La Rioja, Spain) by a consortium formed by DAM – Depuración de Aguas del Mediterráneo, Calagua research group from University of Valencia and LAGEP research group from University Claude Bernard Lyon I.


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