PHORWater collaborates with REFERTIL at the Advance Compost and Biochar Processing: Solution for Economical Phosphorus Recovery Conference.

Last 17-18th September REFERTIL FP7 European project organized the final conference about economical solution for phosphorus recovery at Toledo, Spain. The conference was addressed to biochar and compost processes but other solutions about phosphorus recovery like LIFE+ PHORWater were also presented.

Sofia Grau, from Depuración de Aguas del Mediterráneo-DAM, as member of PHORWater team, focused her presentation on the rising concern about phosphorus recovery and how PHORWater takes place by developing an innovative solution for wastewater treatment plants through an integral management of the flows and the development of an struvite crystallizer. The difference between PHORWater and other phosphorus recovery systems at WWTPs was also emphasized reminding that the LIFE+ project began with an integral characterization of all the flows and the simulation of several configurations in order to maximize the amount of phosphorus available for the crystallization reactor while other techniques just install the crystallizer at the actual configuration, without avoiding operational problems.

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