The main objective of PHORWater is to increase awareness of the environmental problem of phosphorus and to give an innovative solution for the recovery of phosphorus at the WWTP facilities that decreases its environmental problem, so the project is focused on the development of a good practice manual to maximize phosphorus recovery at the WWTPs as well as on showing the advantages of its recovery as struvite.


The expected results are:

  • To obtain an optimized phosphorus management at the WWTP protocol that will allow a phosphorus recovery of over 80% of the influent phosphorus at the water line.
  • To reduce the eutrophication risk of receiving waterway.
  • To design and implement a crystallizer reactor for struvite precipitation from the sludge line sidestreams.
  • To recover some of the removed phosphorus from the water line as struvite.
  • To valorize the obtained struvite as a high-quality fertilizer.
  • To decrease the need for phosphate-rock mining.
  • To reduce the amount of sludge produced at the WWTP.
  • To reduce the energy needed at the WWTP to reduce ammonia content.
  • To reduce operational costs at the WWTP.
  • To increase awareness of the uncontrolled phosphorus discharges to the environment, the need of phosphorus for life development and the problem that its scarcity would generate.