The development of PHORWater is divided into different actions as they are listed below:

Project management. This task involves the coordination and supervision of the global project implementation and it is developed from Valencia.

Integral management of the WWTP for optimal phosphorus recovery. Under this title it is considered the study and characterization of the Calahorra WWTP as well as the elaboration of a phosphorus management in the WWTPs and it is coordinated from Valencia.

Design, construction and start-up of the phosphorus crystallization process into struvite. This action is coordinated from Lyon. The design of the crystallization reactor will be based on (i) a series of pilot experiments to assess the size of the particles that can be formed in the real solution and (ii) Computational Fluid Dynamics to optimize the mixing of the reactant fluxes and the performance of the settling zone. Particular attention will also be paid on the design of the particle extraction device..

Implementation on the phosphorus recovery at the pilot plant and struvite production. This involves the installation of a pilot plant at Calahorra WWTP for the precipitation of struvite from sludge sidestreams. This duty is coordinated from Valencia.

Validation of obtained struvite as fertilizer. From Valencia it will be made a characterization of the obtained product during the crystallization process and it will be studied its quality for agricultural use.

Economical and feasibility study of the process of struvite precipitation from wastewater. Coordinated from Valencia, a global analysis of the process will be made analyzing its economical viability.

Communication and diffusion of the project. It considers the diffusion of PHORWater project for increasing awareness of the environmental and economic problem of phosphate-rock mining and the diffusion of an alternative way of phosphorus recovery, in order to minimize the dependence on natural sources of phosphorus, as well as minimize the eutrophication problems at receiving waterways. This task will be coordinated from Valencia with all partners contribution.