PHORWater shows obtained struvite to local farmers.

Last March 1st, 2.016, PHORWater participants from DAM – Depuración de Aguas del Mediterráneo gave a seminar to introduce struvite to local farmers and agricultural co-ops in order to evaluate the acceptance of the obtained product.

The project, framed within de LIFE programme from de European Union, brings a recovery way of phosphorus from WWTP through its crystallization as struvite, a high quality slow release fertilizer.

The seminar began with an introduction about current situation of phosphorus’ natural reserves and the environmental problems associated to uncontrolled phosphorus discharges to the environment. It was also included a review of the actions of the project and the drawback of uncontrolled precipitation of struvite in WWTP.

A discussion about the need of correct environmentally-friendly fertilization of crops, explaining struvite advantages as mineral fertilizer and the combination with other kind of fertilizers in order to improve its benefits drove the debate about the way of application

Ending the seminar, farmers and co-ops where invited to bring their opinion about the presented product and visited the crystallization reactor.

Seminar counted with the assistance of members from La Rioja Goberment as well as from Consorcio de Aguas de la Rioja.


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